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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Reviewer. It's a chance to recap posts from the past week and tease upcoming content, as well as share new books, reading challenge progress, and anything else you've come across in the last seven days.

It's been a long, but good, week. On Monday I broke the news I teased in last Sunday Post to my boss: I'm starting a new job in January! I'll have a much shorter and less stressful commute, better pay, and overall a more comfortable environment, so this is a very good thing. My current job has offered a lot of great experience, which I'm grateful for, but it was obvious to me very early after starting that I could not and would not want to build a career with that group. I'll be with them through the first part of January in order to wrap up some on-going projects, then make my transition!

Phantom of the Opera was fantastic, with one glaring exception: the venue allows late seating, so for the first 20 minute or so, ushers and late-comers were standing in front of our section and blocking the view of the stage. Since I'm a season subscriber I shared my very negative impression of that particular policy with their office, but I don't know if it will change anything for future shows. The set design and performances were all outstanding, though, so if the American touring company visits your city I highly recommend catching a show!

With Christmas coming up, my weekly schedule will be totally wonky. I am taking a couple of days off of work and hope to get a lot of seasonal tidying, shopping, and reading done in the meantime. Today and tomorrow I'll also do a lot of prep work for Christmas Day, including all my holiday baking!


Nothing new. This time of year I always re-read at least one Harry Potter novel and I chose Goblet of Fire for this go-around. I do have a few early January releases to review, though, so I'll pick up a new book soon!


The Best Books I Read in 2018
What I'm Reading: Winter 2019 A busy week kept me from finishing this draft! I'll add it back into the schedule soon :)


Book Review: Slayer by Kiersten White
Book Review: The Winter of the Witch by Katherine Arden


Page Street YA sent me an ARC of An Affair of Poisons by Addie Thorley this week as an early Christmas surprise! This has already gotten a lot of hype, so I'm curious to see how it will live up to the marketing.


Have you finished all your Christmas shopping? What fun traditions do you have for the holidays? Drop a note in the comments and say hello!

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