sunday post #21

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The sun and soaring temperatures have made it abundantly clear that summer has arrived! That means it's finally time to dust off my social life and, you know, see people again. Earlier this week I got to catch up with friends over happy hour and we're getting a larger group together for brunch later today. It can be hard coordinating several schedules to find a time when everyone can meet for a proper hangout, which means dates like these only happen every month or so. I'm excited to hear what everyone's been up to...and enjoy a mimosa out on a patio!

On the blogging side of things, I'm a little disappointed in myself for a slower reading and review writing pace this past month. Logically I know it's silly—I've just spent time doing things that felt more interesting! Seeing more red than usual on my blogging calendar isn't all that fun though, so hopefully I can pick up a little more reading mojo for the start of a new month!


I knew it would happen eventually and it seems like this week proved me right: my reading pace really slowed down for the month of May! I only finished one book this past week, The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry. It was so enjoyable and deserving of all the praise I've heard for it over the last couple of years. Cora was such a multi-dimensional main character and I really appreciated how not everyone got a happy ending, although every story thread did get a satisfying conclusion.


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Another small haul makes my TBR happy. This week I actually had a wish granted on NetGalley (who knew that even happened?? for The House of One Thousand Eyes by Michelle Barker. My Goldsboro edition of Circe by Madeline Miller also arrived after a month-long journey from the UK; I included it in a past haul when I first ordered it, but it's so gorgeous and shiny and signed that I can't resist mentioning it again!

Are you enjoying warm weather yet? What's your favorite cool drink to enjoy with a summery read? Say hello in the comments and I hope y'all have a great week!

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