down the tbr hole #6

As my Goodreads to-read shelf creeps closer to 500 books, I've been eyeing it with a growing feeling of apprehension. It would take forever to get through so many...and that's not counting all of the new books I hear about along the way. Thankfully I discovered Lost In A Story's series (by way of Boston Book Reader) at the beginning of the year and it sounds like a great way to trim down my TBR.

The guidelines, per Lost In A Story, are simple:
  • Go to your Goodreads to-read shelf
  • Order on ascending date added
  • Take the first 5 (or 10 if you’re feeling adventurous) books
  • Read the synopses of the books
  • Decide: keep it or should it go?
I'll be going through 10 books every week, meaning it should take me almost the whole year to reach the end! If you'd like to do this yourself, be sure to visit Lost In A Story's original post and let her (and me!) know you'll be joining in the fun.


Henry VIII by William Shakespeare

I would like to say I'm ambitious and academic enough to read Shakespearean plays in my free time. I'd also like to say that when I reviewed them, I would put together a thoughtful analysis worthy of the content. And if this blog were for a grade in class, all that might even be true! But there are a lot of other titles I would rather spend my time on, so for now Henry VIII is a TOSS.

The Doctor is Sick by Anthony Burgess

Anthony Burgess is one of my all-time favorite authors; I'd like to say that I've read all of his published works one day. This one is a no-brainer to KEEP.

1985 by Anthony Burgess

Same as above, although I want to note that this is probably the title of his that I'm most intrigued by (but haven't yet read!). A critical and literary response to 1984 by the author of one of the most distinct dystopian novels ever written? Heck yes I want to KEEP it!

The Kingdom of the Wicked by Anthony Burgess

This one is definitely a keeper because I already own it! I must admit that I've tried and failed to finish it before. Set in biblical times, it has an enormous cast of characters from the outset. It's a lot to keep track of, but I'm definitely going to KEEP this one and get to it soon.

I Sing the Body Electric! & Other Stories by Ray Bradbury

Like Burgess, Ray Bradbury is an author I adore and want to read every published work from. He's quite prolific, which makes my goal a daunting one, especially since I'm slower to read short story collections compared to novels. Regardless, this is one I'll KEEP.

The October Country by Ray Bradbury

More Bradbury short stories, another incontestable KEEP. (Side note: Could there even be a more Bradbury-esque title than this one?)

From the Dust Returned by Ray Bradbury

Bradbury? Check. Halloween, my favorite holiday, distilled into novel form? KEEP.

Death Is a Lonely Business by Ray Bradbury

I had no idea Bradbury wrote a detective novel, much less a series of them, until I read the synopsis. This TBR post is getting better...albeit less productive...with each book! KEEP.

The Logic of Scientific Discovery by Karl R. Popper

I've read selections from Popper's book throughout my educational career. It's a cornerstone in the study of scientific thought and a thesis that requires several readings to really cement an understanding of. I doubt I'll talk about it on the blog (unless? you guys?? are into that kind of thing???) but I'm definitely going to KEEP it and take a deep dive into it one day.

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

I've heard all the hype and I saw the movie. But I just...don't care all that much. It partly has to do with a series overload: there are only so many continuing series (on TV and in books) that I can juggle at one time before something has to give. I'm comfortable with what I'm keeping up with now, and Percy Jackson simply hasn't convinced me to add any more to the mix.

Thanks to an overload of some unread titles by my favorite authors, this week saw my greatest number of "keeps" yet: 8/10 books! These are the sorts of titles that are easy for me to find at our local used bookstore, so I plan on looking for them the next time I visit. I'm a little nervous tossing out Percy Jackson because I know what a popular series it is, but I'm also relieved that it means I don't need to worry about tackling all the books that come after it too!

What did you think of my choices this week? Did I make a mistake getting rid of The Lightning Thief? Be sure to share your thoughts down below, and let me know if you're inspired to tackle your own TBR list!

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