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Yet another quiet week—yay! I did see two movies that I want to gush over excessively, but will refrain. First was new favorite Phantom Thread. I'm not a fangirl of Paul Thomas Anderson or Daniel Day-Lewis, but this film was utterly exquisite in every aspect. Only one movie every 2 or 3 years garners such a strong reaction from me, so it was an utter treat. Early next month I'll have a post featuring mini-reviews of some of the movies I watched in January and Phantom Thread will definitely make an appearance. I know I'll be going back to watch this one or two more times before it cycles out of theaters!

The second movie is an old favorite: Lawrence of Arabia. A local theater chain screens it every year or two, and it really is the sort of movie that must be watched on the big screen, not TV. What's even better is the theater lets you order food and drinks from your seats, which comes in handy when you want popcorn or soda refills during a nearly 4 hour movie. Good books and good movies both put me in such a positive mood, so I count this week as a (quiet and uneventful) success.


As expected, Seven Pillars of Wisdom (on which Lawrence of Arabia is based!) has decreased my reading pace quite a lot. My lead has dropped from three books down to two, which isn't surprising since my goal for the year requires a pace of about one book per week. I'm still pleased at how much progress I've made this week, however, considering the unexpected business of some evenings. In last week's Sunday Post I set a goal of reading at least 150 more pages before picking up another novel to alternate with it; I fell a few pages short but came pretty close, so I'll add a second book to my currently reading shelf this week. Hopefully that will help re-widen the lead!


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I should be mad at myself for letting my TBR continue growing, but that's impossible with these books! This week I was flattered to receive my first author review request from Amber Elby, who has written the Shakespearean-inspired Cauldron's Bubble. The sequel comes out this summer and I'm already looking forward to reviewing the first in her Netherfeld trilogy later on in the spring! On Wednesday I had the pleasure of hearing Katherine Arden discuss her new book The Girl in the Tower and get a signed copy after the lecture. Her journey between college and the publication of The Bear and the Nightingale is nothing short of fascinating, and inspiring for those who are still figuring out exactly what they want to do in life. Finally, the mystery of the missing Goodreads giveaway prize is solved! I won The Balcony by Jane Delury almost two months ago (but nothing since; this bad luck on GR is bumming me out!) and it finally showed up on my porch this week. Yay!


I want to extend a big thank you to Evelina at AvalinahsBooks for starting up an advice and networking group for new book bloggers! (For more info, see this tweet.) She and the other mods have put a lot of time, thought, and effort into a project meant to help others, which I'd like to help pay forward in my own small way. Right here each week I'll feature posts by members of the #NewBloggers101 group*, so be sure to click through and discover some new, amazing bloggers!

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